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Bumble & Yarn is a woman-led business providing a wide range of acrylic and natural fibre yarns, craft and haberdashery supplies. The originality of the boutique is what makes the space both inspirational and popular for all that visit. The concept was designed with customer experience at the very heart of this charming, family-run business.

Dot & Betty's Tearoom welcomes all customers to relax and socialise amongst like-minded people enjoying their desired craft accompanied by a nice cup of tea, coffee and cake. The mission from the beginning has been to create a positive place for the local community to reconnect using creative crafts. Which is why it is "more than just a wool shop!"

Between them our Queen Bees share a wide range of craft knowledge. Everything from Knitting, Crochet, Felting, Sewing and more! We offer a Pattern Clinic for those tricky stitches or abbreviations that you just can't fathom. Simply give us a buzz or send your crafty enquiry via our Contact Us page.

Craft Community

The happy hive provides a positive place for people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and class to connect and get creative with crafts. We are a yarn shop, haberdashery and tearoom with a vibrant social space that hosts a range of therapeutic workshops and events for the local community. In collaboration with Essex charity, United in Kind.